Q1 - Q2, 2022


    Create NFTs out of the already existing digital art pieces from our portfolio.

    Scout the most suitable marketplaces to publish them.

    Create new artworks and videos with original soundtracks.

    Q3 2022 - Q1 2023


    Multi-chain expansion and launch of new collections.

    Build an active community that follows our projects, partakes in our campaigns and grows steadily.

    Work on a solid legal compliance background for the creation of an NFT development company registered in Italy.

    Q2, 2023 - Onwards


    Launch of a company registered in Italy, specialized in the creation and commercialization of NFTs both personal and for third parties (starting from Made in Italy products).

    Bullet points of our business model follow:

    • In line with the previous phases, keep launching personal VerAI branded NFT collections.
    • Creation for third parties of NFTs that can be exchanged for or grant access to goods or services provided by them.
    • Creation of a specific supply chain fully based on our mediation or integrated in the already existing marketing process of our clients.
    • Integration of a reward system (i.e., whitelisting, giveaways, royalty sharing, etc.) for the owners of our original collections every time we start a collaboration with a new client.
    • Once the business is solid, launch of VerAI token, integrated in our future clients’ NFT platforms and projects.