June 12, 2023

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Endless is a collection made of 24 visuals, divided in 4 categories, replicated into 2000 NFTs and classified by rarity groups. It represents an important milestone for us because it closes the narrative line of our previous 4 collections and launches Phase 3 of our roadmap. Focus of the project from now on is to work as third-party advisors for businesses that want to sell their products as NFTs, granting perks to the holders of their original collections.


Artistic techniques: polygonal and nurbs modelling, fractal generation, use of plugins for rendering and material creation, complex geometry reparameterization, creation of dynamic lights.

Utilities explained

Captain’s log. Year 3301. Earth’s orbit. Operation Endless has finally begun, just as scheduled 1000 years ago after Exodus. Spaceships have gathered around our native planet from all over the universe, perfectly synchronized by the guidance of VerAI. Probes have returned from a first inspection to the planet and the results are unbelievable. Nature reconquered the whole environment and evolved according to fractal patterns that seem to be dictated by a sentient mind.

If this sounds incredible, just wait for the rest. We have proof that natural elements have absorbed the memory of humans and reproduced their shape. Grass, rock, sand, metal… Even water preserves in its molecules the shape of human race. This planet was sentenced to death by our ancestors and yet it decided to remember them as if it had a mind of its own. We are sending out our exploration spaceships and robots ‘cause we might have found a portal to the core of the planet. Sending updates soon. Over and out.