• Transparency

    We share all our steps with our community, always providing proof of every action that involve our holders.

  • Experienced Team

    Each team member has varied experiences in the fields of art, computer science and music.

  • Security Guarantee

    We develop in-house tools to run our internal operations on our collections.

Community oriented

Our art wants to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world, bringing benefits to our partners and our community at the same time.

Holding a VerAI NFT will give you access to seasonal airdrops, merchandise, artworks, collectibles and more advantages coming from our collaborations and our original collections.


The idea was born in Italy and rapidly became a borderless vision. The project is run by a team of professionals with backgrounds in computer graphics, crypto, technology, music and art.

  • Daniele Lari

    Digital Artist

    Daniele is a digital artist with psychology, neuroscience and philosophy academic backgrounds. He dedicates his professional life to the translation of his academic knowledge into art, with a major focus on 3D design and photography, often embracing the potential of AI as well.

  • Mattia Cipriano

    PM and Content Creator

    Mattia is an entrepreneur in the luxury travel industry and a long-time blockchain enthusiast.

  • Dorel Veliu

    Software Developer

    Dorel is a web2 and web3 software and app developer with a passion for blockchain, crypto, and NFTs.

  • Paolo Funari

    Musician and songwriter

    Paolo has been a musician for more than 20 years now. He started off as a guitar player, then embraced the study of singing and piano in search of a more structured awareness of harmonies and songwriting which lead him to his current main area of expertise: soundtrack and score composition.