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Exodus is a collection of 500 original unique NFTs representing snapshots of the human race escaping from Earth after it has been conquered by robotic animals. The setting was conceived in our previous collections “Frontiers” and “Cyber Animals” where we depicted a world devastated by the over-exploitation of its resources and conquered by animals that have been artificially modified to survive in the harsh environments of the planet. The technique behind the creation of the images is a computer-assisted and computer-generated hybrid.

The use of AI (GAN & CNN) is guided by the artist’s digital drawing along the creation process while the final output is modified with various editing programs. The NFTs’ metadata not only create a rarity scale but also give inputs to the holders to write stories about the scene described in the artwork they own. This is fundamental for our future collections as our goal is to create an immersive story where artificial and human intelligence are combined.

Journey to Exodus

Journey to Exodus is an introduction video to VerAI’s upcoming collection named Exodus. The video, divided in 5 parts, is a mesmerizing combination of artworks reprocessed through AI and then edited together into an immersive video.

The original soundtrack is a composition in D minor adapted to the visuals in order to convey the contrasting feeling of fear and excitement of the unknown and introducing solemn chords in the last part for an epic ending.

Our NFT's utilities

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    Sweep Dreams

    Sweep Dream is VerAI's unique campaign that blends monthly giveaways with royalty sharing. Through this campaign, active members who engage with selected NFT collections can earn shared royalties and additional rewards, encouraging fair and robust community participation.

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    Priority access

    As a member of our community, you will have exclusive, early access to our new releases and offerings for third-part collections. This level of priority ensures you are always ahead of the curve in the dynamic and fast-paced NFT marketplace, enhancing your opportunities for profitable investments and exclusive acquisitions.

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    Giveaways are an integral part of the VerAI experience, serving as a unique opportunity for our community members to win exclusive rewards. These rewards may include rare NFTs, digital assets, or special privileges. As part of our mission to engage and give back to our community, these giveaways are often run alongside new releases or special events.

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    Royalties share

    Earning shared royalties is a rewarding aspect of being a VerAI community member. By holding NFTs from our selected collections, you will earn your cut of up to 50% of the royalties generated from secondary sales. This will incentivize the holding and appreciation of our NFTs, enhancing your investment's overall value.

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VerAI Roadmap

  • Q3 2022 - Q1 2023


    Multi-chain expansion and launch of new collections.

    Build an active community that follows our projects, partakes in our campaigns and grows steadily.

    Work on a solid legal compliance background for the creation of an NFT development company registered in Italy.

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